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Change Starts Now!


This is a Public weight Loss journal, I am not here for criticisms or abuse about my weight. I am keeping this as a Journal for myself, and if others wish to read it and also give tips, or gain some motivation. I will be posting daily well I will try to. I will be posting my feelings, recipes and goals and such.

If this subject does in fact interest you, you may friend me. ALL COMMENTS WILL BE SCREENED TO INSURE YOUR PRIVACY! Please just take the time to comment here so I can just make sure that I know who is adding me. I shall most likely be updating this daily if not more so please do not moan if I don't update as much as you like. I am trying to change my lifesyle as much as a "diet" I hate that word.

So anyway if you would like to join with me in this.

Fill in the little form please.
+ Add me first, if you dont I wont add you back.
I made it easy for you to friend me click here



ok why not?

Name: Britt

Age: 20

Location: israel

Are you slimming currently? If so what are your stats? yep i am but i only know in kilos..

What diet are you on? i get a menu for every day. its practically a vegetarian diet but not on purpose..

Re: form

Yup I'm a vegertarian well I am still trying.