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Apr. 22nd, 2010

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Faux Meat & My new Elliptical

It tastes like chicken only it is not

The one thing I hated about the fact I have to be going vegetarian is that I will not enjoy meat that often. However, I must say I am wrong.

Thanks to raven_moon who gave me some amazing suggestions. I tried the faux chicken nuggets and they taste just like chicken. I was shocked.

I went to my whole foods store (down to earth) and looked around. It was amazing all the vegetarian/vegan things they got in the place. I tasted a few things, I bought a few things, and I am very pleased that I found vegetarian versions of almost everything I love.

I am hoping the vegan cream cheese is as good as the clerk said it would be. Cause if it is score vegan cream cheesecake is headed my way.

Thank you for the list and the great site VegCooking.com it is a real help.

Drank a great smoothie this morning it was a great pick me up with my oatmeal.

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I bought a juicer and I love my New Elliptical

I bought myself a juicer as my doctor suggested. I love it; it is such an amazing piece of machine. Moreover, my first cup of juice was fantastic.

Got my Elliptical, I did not buy the one I mentioned before. It was too bulky, complicated and the ipod speakers sucked. The only reason it was 200.00 more than the others was the ifit card. It also shaked like crazy and the sound it made was annoying. Therefore, I bought the ProForm 390 Trainer. I love it. It is a smooth stride and it is quiet. The ipod/speaker system is so awesome.

And it was a steal at 399.00.

I am so happy with my purchase.

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Apr. 15th, 2010


My Work out Music Playlist (Updated 4/21/10)

A lot of you have asked me what songs I work out to. This is the music that gets me going. I work out everyday. Even when I'm sick so I have to work out to music that gets me going and is fun.

Here is my on-the-go section of my ipod which I use to workout. This list is in no order, expect Eye of the Tiger and Nobody's gonna break my stride is the first two I start off with.

The key to a good playlist is variety. Don't just put one style or your favorite artist. Mix it up. It gets boring after a while if you have the same old.

Anything works for work out music pop, dance, electronic, rap, hip hop, latin. As long as there is a good beat you can work out to it. Depending on the size of your ipod just keep adding to your on-the-go playlist.

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Apr. 8th, 2010


Home-made Nutella Recipe...

Why make a homemade vegan Nutella? Have you caught yourself reading labels endlessly on all the chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter spreads hoping one of them is dairy-free and vegan? Don't lie, I know you have; we all have dreams of a vegan Nutella. But it's super easy to make your own homemade chocolate hazelnut spread. If you can't find hazelnuts, walnuts or cashews will work, but don't taste quite like real Nutella.

If you really want a treat, try adding a tablespoon or two of a rich flavored oil, such as walnut oil or coconut oil instead of plain vegetable oil. Now pardon me while I lick my spoons....

I'bve tried this, this is very yummy.


1 1/2 cups hazelnuts
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup cocoa
3-4 tbsp vegetable or safflower oil
2 tbsp soy milk


Using a food processor, grind the hazelnuts until fine and powdery.

Process for another minute or two.

If your food processor is strong enough, the hazelnuts will eventually turn creamy and smooth.

If you're using a less powerful food processor, this won't happen.

Add remaining ingredients and process until smooth and creamy, adding a little bit more or less liquid to get desired consistency.
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My Weight Loss Coach for DS Review

I never thought anyone would find my reviews popular but I have been getting a lot of e-mails from you guys thanking me for it. I got five e-mails from friends' asking me what I think of My Weight Loss Coach for DS. Well happily I got it from a friend a few weeks ago, So here is what I think about this game made for DS.

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Apr. 6th, 2010


The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone Review

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Jan. 23rd, 2010


Soup Therapy: Detoxify, Lose Weight, and Boost Immunity By Dr. Mao (yahoo health)

The healing power of soup: something that both scientists and grandmothers can agree on. From helping you lose weight to warming you up from the inside out to boosting your immunity, soup is a winter staple that you shouldn’t be without. Maybe that is one reason that it is celebrated this month with its very own National Soup Month. Here's a closer look at what you can do to benefit from soup's amazing healing powers.

The healing power of soup:

An ancient Chinese proverb states that a good doctor uses food first, then resorts to medicine. A healing soup can be your first step in maintaining your health and preventing illness. The therapeutic value of soup comes from the ease with which your body can assimilate the nutrients from the ingredients, which have been broken down by simmering.

Here are some healing soup tips that will preserve your wellness and longevity:

1. Lose weight with soup

Obesity is on the rise throughout the industrialized world, resulting in a startling increase in the rates of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. You can count yourself out of the statistics if you eat a bowl of soup at least once a day. Nutritious low-salt soups will nourish you as they flush excess wastes from your body. It has been found that people who eat one serving of soup per day lose more weight than those who eat the same amount of calories, but don’t eat soup. Homemade soup is your best bet, because canned soups tend to be loaded with salt and chemicals. My advice is to use organic vegetables whenever possible. The herbicides and pesticides that can be present in conventional produce can assault the immune system and overload it with toxins.

2. Build your immunity

Your immune system needs a lot of minerals to function properly and the typical Western diet does not always hit the mark. When you slowly simmer foods over low heat, you gently leach out the energetic and therapeutic properties of the foods, preserving the nutritional value of the foods. Keep in mind that boiling can destroy half of the vitamins found in vegetables, so cook soup over a low heat.

Immune-Boosting Soup

Simmer these ingredients for 30 minutes: cabbage, carrots, fresh ginger, onion, oregano, shiitake mushrooms (if dried, they must be soaked first), the seaweed of your choice, and any type of squash in chicken or vegetable stock. Cabbage can increase your body’s ability to fight infection, ginger supports healthy digestion, and seaweed cleanses the body. Shiitake mushrooms contain coumarin, polysaccharides, and sterols, as well as vitamins and minerals that increase your immune function, and the remaining ingredients promote general health and well-being. Eat this soup every other day to build a strong and healthy immune system.

3. Detoxify your body

As a liquid, soup is already helping you flush waste from your body. When you choose detoxifying ingredients, such as the ones featured in the recipe below, you are really treating your body to an internal cleanse. The broth below boasts many benefits: it supports the liver in detoxification, increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and replenishes your body with essential minerals.

Super Detoxifying Broth

Simmer the following for 1–2 hours over a low flame: anise, brussels sprouts, cabbage, Swiss chard, cilantro, collards, dandelion, fennel, garlic, ginger, kale, leeks, shiitake mushrooms, mustard greens, daikon radish, seaweed, turmeric, and watercress. Drink 8 to 12 ounces twice a day. You can keep this broth in your fridge for up to one week; however, it is always best to serve soups when fresh because each day, the therapeutic value decreases.

In addition to using cleansing herbs in soups, you can take cleansing herbs in supplements. For a gentle but powerful cleanse using Chinese herbs, Internal Cleanse increases the ability of the liver to cleanse the body of internal and environmental toxins.

4. Warm up with a hearty soup

You always want to eat for the season. Soups provide something the body craves in cold weather. When you cook foods into a soup, you are adding a lot of what Chinese nutrition would call “warming energy” into the food. Warming foods to feature in your soups include: leeks, onions, turnips, spinach, kale, broccoli, quinoa, yams, squash, garlic, scallions, and parsley. As a spice, turmeric aids with circulation, a great boost against the cold weather.

5. Get well faster

As you mother may have instinctively known, when you are sick, there is no better healing food than soup. The reason for this is that soups and stews don’t require as much energy to digest, freeing your body up to fight the infection.

It would be impossible to talk about soup’s healing abilities without putting the spotlight on homemade chicken noodle soup. Studies have found that chicken noodle soup does seem to relieve the common cold by inhibiting inflammation -- helping to break up congestion and ease the flow of nasal secretions.

While chicken soup may not cure a cold outright, it does help alleviate some of the symptoms and can help as a preventative measure. Many of my patient’s keep the herbal formula Cold & Flu in their medicine cabinets so its there to support recovery when a cold strikes.

In Chinese medicine, you would traditionally be given a tonic soup specifically tailored to your needs, and for that level of personal care, it is a good idea to consult a health practitioner knowledgeable in Chinese nutrition.

I hope you have gotten a taste of the healing power of soup! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me.

May you live long, live strong, and live happy!

—Dr. Mao

Jan. 18th, 2010


Silk Soy Milk

I never thought that I would love soy milk but I do.

Silk's soy milk tastes really good. It tastes like real milk and the chocolate milk is fantastic.

It has all the vitamins and nutrients original milk has but half the calories and fat.

One Drawback soy milk does have a slight gritty after taste but if you can look past that than all is good.

Shaking the carton well lessens the after taste a bit.

Jan. 16th, 2010


Wii Fit Plus Review

This post is a review of the Wii Fit Plus. I was very excited when I recieved this as a swap gift.

Honestly I wish they had all these features on the old wii fit game. I still say that Nintendo are geniuses for thinking of this. This is a fun way to excerise and you are so into the game you don't realize you are working out.

What is new in the Wii Fit Plus?
There are 15 new mini games that use your core and balance (which they call “Training Plus” games), 3 new poses for the yoga section, and 3 new exercises for the strength section.

Here is the list of new mini games in the Wii Fit Plus:

1. Perfect 10

You swing your hips front, back, left, and right to hit numbered mushrooms (or are they balls?) to sum up to 10 on the balance board. In advance mode you are summing to 15. The premise is to work your abs and your mind.

2. Island Cycling

You are marching on the balance board and using the remote as the handle bars for turning as you look for all the flags in the course. If you cannot read a map, you will probably be marching for a while.

3. Rhythm Kung Fu

You are in a karate studio with a group of other Miis. As the other Miis throw punches or kicks, you are suppose to mimic them on the balance board, remote, and nunchuck. This is harder than I initially thought because my timing is always off.

4. Driving Range

Self explanatory.

5. Segway Circuit

On the balance board, you lean forward and back to control the segway on the screen and using the remote as the handlebars while you track down all the balloons.

6. Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye

You are on the balance board and you have to flap your arms like a chicken to land on these bull’s eyes on the water. This game is a really work out for your arms.

7. Snowball Fight

You are on the balance board leaning left or right to hurl a snowboard at other Miis with the remote. The reason you have to lean to the side is because of the protective shield in front of you. This is really fun.

8. Obstacle Course

You are running or jumping on the balance board to get through an obstacle course. Similar to courses on the game show, American Gladiator. As jumping, you squatting and straighten your legs.

HINT: You are never suppose to jump on the balance board. If you do you get sent to the beginning in the Multi-player mode and you go back to the beginning of the course and with less time in single player mode.

9. Tilt City

You are on the balance board, tilting left and right and using the remote to control these two levels of levers on the screen to guide colored balls into matching colored pipes. This requires some serious hand-feet coordination because sometimes you are moving your remote levers in the opposite direction of the levers controlled by your feet.

10. Rhythm Parade

You are the leader of the parade, marching on the balance board and swinging your baton with your remote and nunchuck to the music. This reminds me of the aerobic step in the original Wii Fit.

11. Big Top Juggling

You are balancing on a big ball in a circus circle and trying to catch and juggling balls being thrown at you. So you have to move your body from side to side to prevent your Mii from slipping off the ball and moving your hand as if you are juggling. I cannot even juggle one ball up into the air. It is hard trying to “catch” the ball you juggled up and keep your balance on the big ball.

12. Skateboard Arena

You are on a skateboard (the balance board) and you have to do tricks on the arena. The tricks get harder as you make it each level. This is very difficult to get at first but keep trying and it gets easier.

13. Table Tilt Plus

Like the original Wii Fit game where you have to tilt these balls on a table-like surface and get them into a hole. This version includes some fun stuff like being able to shot the balls across the table.

14. Balance Bubble Plus

Like the original Wii Fit game, you are in a bubble and you need to get to the end of the course. Besides narrow stretches, there are some parts that have moving things blocking you so you have to timing your movements to get through.

15. Basic Run Plus

Self explanatory.

What new feature is incorporated in the Wii Fit Plus to make it easier to work out?
The new features that are incorporated into the Wii Fit Plus that makes it more like a personal trainer are:

-Being able to select multiple exercises to create a routine

The biggest flaw of the original Wii Fit is the inability to select multiple exercises when you start. So you have to keep wasting time going back to the previous menu to select the next exercise. I don’t mind selecting the exercises before I start, but once I am exercising, I just want to keep going without taking these 20 second breaks. With the Wii Fit Plus, not only do you get to select multiple exercises to create a routine, you also get to save the routine for future use.

-Pre-made exercise routines

-Being able to select a different player in the mini-games without having to return to the main menu.

Should you buy the Wii Fit or the Wii Fit Plus?

If you do not own a Wii Fit, you should just buy the Wii Fit Plus. I consider the Wii Fit Plus the deluxe version of the same game.

Dec. 21st, 2006


Holidays are the worse time for diets..

It's the Holidays and I must admit I'm cheating I know bad me but I am still trying.

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