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New Nike Training Club App

I decided to get an app from Nike called "Nike Training Club" yesterday. I had no idea this existed until I saw a post @ gleeclub where they posted Nike Training Club App commercial video featuring Lea Michele.

There is no way I will ever have a body like Lea's but the fact she is backing this app and from the video it intrigued me. I went to nike.com and the app looked friggin awesome. And to my happiness it's itouch compatible and best of all the app is FREE!

So I downloaded...OMFG it's pretty It's pretty damn awesome. Nike's app is kick ass it goes well with my Nike iPOD sports kit. This is honestly in my opinion one of the best fitness apps made. Great job Nike.

Review by Fitness.com

This new Nike app is aimed at women – with the training program developed to address the 3 main reasons that women exercise – to tone, to lose weight and to become stronger.

Touting itself as a ‘personal trainer in your pocket’ the app is free – underpinning the message of being ‘free’ to exercise – whenever you want and wherever you may be.*


First you select your training goal whether to ‘get strong’, ‘get lean’ or ‘get toned’. You then pick your fitness level – beginner, intermediate or advanced and then depending on your available time (and let’s be honest – mood) select your desired workout duration of either 30 or 45 minutes. Alternatively, if you are seriously short on time or energy you can select one of the 15 minute ‘get focussed’ workouts each one targeting a specific body part.

The programs (designed by Nike Pro Trainer Marie Purvis) employ interval style training and its’ 90 drills draw on principles of cardio, strength, and core training. This functional fitness approach means that you create not only a better looking body, but also one that is more fit for ‘real life’ – whether picking your child up or climbing the stairs.

Each exercise in the app is accompanied by a set of pictures to demo. Still unsure? Then just hit the video icon to get a full demo of exercise in perfect form. Drills last for anywhere between 15 seconds to two minutes and during the allotted time you perform as many reps as you can (while maintaining proper form) before the audio guide urges you to move the next drill.


At the launch of Nike Training Club we were treated to a class with 2 of Nike’s master trainers. The class was a 30 minute sample of the NTC drills. I regard myself as pretty fit and thought it would be a breeze but I was sorely mistaken. This was a tough and intense workout…

And there really is something to challenge everyone. If you are a beginner looking to ‘get lean’ you can try the ‘Energy Rush’ – a 30 minute workout of rapid drills, but if you are an advanced exerciser looking to ‘get strong’ you can do battle with the 45 minute ‘Gladiator’ . Russell himself would approve!


To keep you on track and to encourage you to go the ‘extra mile’ upon reaching key minute milestones you unlock ‘exclusive rewards’ such as workouts and training advice from Nike athletes and professional trainers.

And if you’re so inclined, the app allows you to ‘celebrate’ your achievements to all your friends via Facebook. To my mind this is probably information that doesn’t need to be shared with all of your ‘friends’. Leave ‘em guessing why you’re looking so good!


This fitness application really is a major cut above the rest. As you’d expect from Nike it is a slick and glossy production – and more importantly, very user friendly. And guys, while the app is targeted at women unless you happen to be an elite athlete the programs will be just as challenging for you.

Though Nike Training Club is still no match for having a real live personal trainer if use the app often, and put your maximum effort in when you do so, your fitness will undoubtedly make great gains.

To learn more go to nike.com or go to iTunes store to download.